Saturday, July 25, 2009

Finally some sales!

I know the economy is in the dumps right now, so starting a business venture with items that are not necessities is maybe not the greatest idea, but it is just a hobby anyway. I've been trying not to get too discouraged since I haven't had any sales online, just a few jewelry sales in a gallery. But this week I got some good news - I finally sold two piggy banks! Here are the designs commissioned, hope the buyers like!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weight loss anybody?

This weekend Roy and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary (I really can't believe it) by going out sans kiddo and enjoying a romantic evening together. It was great!
We also decided to get a joint gift for the two of us to celebrate this milestone, a treadmill. Romantic huh? I still need to take off about 10 pounds of baby and pre-baby weight (can't blame it all on Kinsey) and Roy has been complaining about his weight gain for a while now. Now the challenge begins! I already used the treadmill this am for 30 I just have to stay motivated and get Roy to stick to a plan as well. I'll keep you all updated as to our progress.
Kinsey got in on the action putting the treadmill together in the garage, well she loved playing in the huge box- it was way more fun than her pack'n'play!

Kinsey's First Dip in the Pool

Since it has been 100 degrees daily for the past few weeks here in New Mexico, we got a baby pool for Kinsey to cool off in. Here are some pictures of her first dip, she really seemed to like it! The only trouble was that she kept wanting to climb out and get the rocks on the ground, and since we don't have a patio or grass, there is no escaping the rocks! Doesn't she look too cute in her little bikini?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kisses For Mommy

Lately I have been feeling a bit lost in this whole 'mommyhood' thing. I feel like I should be able to get more done during the day, but with a baby crawling, cruising, and pretty much getting into everything, I have my challenges. Sometimes I worry that I've been ignoring my baby by trying to get something cleaned or fixed or even just catch my breath for a bit, but today Kinsey let me know in her own special way that she loves me and everything I do for her is not in vain. We were rocking in her room, trying to settle down for her afternoon nap when she sat up gave me a huge smile and planted a big kiss on my mouth! Now she gives kisses when you ask, but something about the way she gave me this kiss all on her own free will and out of nowhere made me start crying with pure joy. There's nothing like a baby to melt your heart... here's picture of my little angel and I napping together.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Party For Troy

So this weekend my husbands family all got together to celebrate my nephew Troy's first birthday. His birthday was actually a few weeks ago, but since he is too young to drive himself, he had to hitch a ride in from San Diego when his parents plans permitted. I have always been interested in cake decorating, but never have the opportunity to make any extra-special theme cakes (but now I will have the chance once a year for Kinsey's big day...yay!) So I set out to make the best cake ever, fully expecting it to come out just as I pictured it in my head. I won't say the finshed product was exactly what I had invisioned, but I think it was a good first attempt at decorating. After baking cakes and making raspberry filling for 4 hours, day 1 of the process had gone well. Day 2 - decorating day- was a little more frustrating, but I got it done in about 5 hours! was tiring! So the inside is chocolate and vanilla with raspberry filling and the outside is homemade buttercream icing. I added his name to the baby blocks as well as a 1 for him to tear into and eat, and inside the 'o' is a mini steelers logo, as his daddy is a huge fan and his nursery is all decked out in steelers stuff.

As a gift for Troy, along with some Dr Seuss books ( a must have) and a stuffed giraffe for him to cuddle with, I painted a piggy bank with his name and a steelers logo. He thought it was pretty cool, his parents loved it, and hopefully I will get the images up soon on my etsy store along with the girly piggy banks that I am custom painting.


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