Friday, February 19, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Roses...

My thoughtful neighbors brought me 2 dozen roses Wednesday night as a 'Thank You' for the goodies I am always bringing their way. Just don't tell them it is so I can spread the calories onto another household...haha....just kidding...I really do like to bake for long as I can try the first bites!

The following morning at breakfast with Kinsey I was admiring the roses...peach and yellow...they had opened up quite a bit overnight and the lighting was really beautiful from my south facing front window. So I grabbed my new Canon (well new in October...but I am still learning how to use it) and started snapping. I think Kinsey thought I was crazy standing on a chair, crouching down...all at these boring flowers...not her!!!! (the nerve....mama)

Here are the best ones...I think.

Oh...and I did take a few of the little stinker smelling the roses....mama couldn't resist!

Ready for Spring

Here in New Mexico spring often means temperature shifts weekly from 40 to 70 back to 40 degrees, gail-force winds, lots of blowing dirt...and allergies!

But still, somehow, I am excited and ready for spring to come!

I think Kinsey is too.....she has been begging to be outside.....ALL....THE....TIME!!!!!

She demanded we put on her hat and forced, I mean asked, me to take her along when I was taking the trash out yesterday....little stinker! So I grabbed my camera because she looks oh so cute in a hat...especially this darling one her great grammy sent her. Isn't she a little cheeseball?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

For Valentine's Day this year I thought I would experiment with an idea in a cake book of mine, and also on Bakerella; A heart shaped cake made into a candy box with either candies, or in this case cake balls on top.
I made all the cake balls (chocolate, of course) and decorated them to match the theme.
Notice the 'I Love U' in the middle.
The sides of the box didn't quite come out how I wanted it too look, but the overall result was not too bad for a first attempt. The cake balls are delicious, we haven't tried the cake yet- but it is chocolate with raspberry butter cream. I did also try a recipe for the fondant (Thanks to my cousin Rachel) and was surprised at how easy it really was to make from scratch.

And lastly I wanted to put this picture up, I took this a while back and thought it was appropriate for today. Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Football Truffles

I'm not a big football fan, but I do like having reasons to bake little things, and the Superbowl was just the occasion to try this recipe.Yummy...sorta football shaped oreo truffles!
Here's a link to the recipe and how-to by Bakerella. Hers are way more football like and about as perfect as you can get....but mine were still very tasty!

Priceless Photos

Every mother thinks their child is the most beautiful baby on the they take LOTS of pictures.....I'm no different, In fact I regularly call myself 'the paparazzi.' Here are some shots from the last few days to exhibit just why you must snap a million shots (aren't you glad we all have digital cameras now? I would be spending a small fortune in film otherwise)

First is the serene calm and peaceful....
(how did I catch this on film when she is NEVER calm and peaceful?!?)

Next is the silly girl I know and love...."come and get me mamma!"

Then there's the just plain cute one....don't you just want to squeeze her?

And finally we have the real winner.....the truest version of our little one.....the nose picker. (wouldn't this make a great greeting card?....."I was just thinking of you..." haha)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Day!

This Wednesday the forcast was actually correct (for a change) and we got some snow! Normally I could care less about the white only reminds me more how cold it is outside...but with a toddler something inside me was just wishing fro the stuff to fall this year. We have been getting a snowstorm through the area about once a week lately, but we never get any to stick! So when it started falling....and sticking....I had my fingers crossed for enough accumulation to play in. The picture below is me asking Kinsey what's on the ground....her 'I dunno' arms.
I made her a snowball to throw...

It didn't go too far.

She was happy as a penguin outside....stomping in the snow (stomping is her favorite thing to do!)
Not too deep, but enough to play in!
It stuck to her gloves.....the whole minute she actually kept them on.
And does taste mighty good....this girl couldn't get enough of it once she figured out it was edible and mommy said ok. (oh, and as a side note: I don't normally put a scarf on her...I know it isn't safe, but she was screaming for the scarf...I couldn't say no)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I have a confession.....

.........I'm a sugar-holic.
I know, if you know me this is sooo hard to believe. I guess you already knew I had a problem, didn't you? You know, deep down I have known for quite sometime myself, I guess I have just been in denial......ahem......

...for the last ten years or so.

So to curb my cravings I always have sweets in the house, usually store-bought and easy to reach if a sugar crisis arises. But the last 6 months or so I have been obsessing quite regularly about cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. No....not just about eating them.....more often than not about making them. I think I am a reasonably good baker and a decorator who just needs to learn more skills.

Unfortunately I cannot consume all the goodies I would LOVE to try making and decorating all on my own. Roy is not a sweet-tooth unless you are serving pistachio pudding or brownies with nuts. That really limits my options for trying new things.

And although technically there are three members of our family....I just can't let the baby eat too many sweets...against my parenting rules from way back when I knew just how to raise a child. (i.e. before I had a tantrum toddler in my house who I would do almost anything to quiet)

So my dreams of fondant and butter cream are all crammed into my head these days, fueled by shows like 'Cake Boss' and 'Ultimate Cake-Off', as well as bakerella, Cake Journal, and oddly enough Cake Wrecks. My poor head is spinning and my mouth is constantly drooling at what could be. Every time I wake up at night I am thinking cake, cake,'s CRAZY!

I really need to do something about this obsession, a friend of mine and I are planning on taking decorating classes this spring, and I have my mind set on trying to do an at-home business making cakes and cupcakes for all occasions. I just need to practice, practice, practice.....and learn how to get myself out there to gain business exposure.

But who will eat all my goodies-in-training?



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