Monday, February 24, 2014


Some resolutions are better made in late February than Jan 1st, right?
 Please tell me they are more likely to stick ;) 

I'm not a resolution person anyway.

But- I do want to blog more often in the coming months, if nothing else but a way to remember my crazy life, share it with family and friends, and maybe inspire and relate to someone out there whom I have never met. 

I'm also HORRIBLE at scrapbooking, which I have mentioned before, and this blog needs to serve as a written and pictoral memory of raising my family. Because my memory is atrocious, ask my husband. Whatever his name is. 

So, to dive in.....again.

A recap of the past 6 moths or so.

Sept-Moved to a new house and town, same general area of New Mexico.

Oct-Celebrated Kinsey's 5th birthday 2 weeks after moving into said new home.
lalaloopsy themed cake for her 5th birthday party
I celebrated the big 3-0!

                  Kinsey started 4 day a week morning preschool with speech therapy.

One month to the date of moving in, discovered this little surprise.

Nov- Sold our old home 2 weeks later. Whew!

Dec- Cut 14" off Kinsey's hair- her first real haircut!

Bought a new car just before Christmas.

Jan- Told our extended family and friends about our growing brood.

Started a trial of glasses to hopefully further correct Makayla's strabismus, In hope that another surgery won't be necessary over the summer.

Feb- On Valentine's Day, learned we were adding another girl to the group!

So that's it for now...Hopefully I'll be back before the next 6 months are over!


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