Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pictures In Pecos

Fondant Cake Class, Week 4

The Finale Cake is here!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fondant Cake Class, Week 3

My fondant and gumpaste class resumed this week after a brief hiatus, and I've been super busy doing things around the house and haven't had a chance to write about this week until now. (more on all that busy-busy stuff later)

This week we worked strictly with gumpaste and made only flowers, three different types to be exact.
These are some of the simpler types of flowers you can make with gumpaste, but I think they are still quite stunning, and completely edible (not that you would actually want to eat hard, tasteless sugar..but to each his own.)

First up was the carnation. Lots of layers and I think quite realistic once finished. 

Next was the daisy, very simple and very sweet!

And lastly was the 'fantasy flower', which as stated by it's name is not a real flower but pretty nonetheless. 

I'm currently working on some flowers that we didn't learn in class for my final cake next Monday. I got a great tutorial book and some flower petal cutters as an early Mother's Day gift (for myself...haha) and am excited to see what I can make.

I'm really digging all the creative things I can do with cake, fondant and gumpaste....one step closer to my cake decorating dreams!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recent Photography

Through Her Eyes....

Posted by PicasaWouldn't you love to be able to look at the world through your child's eyes? Just for one moment to see only the good in life and the excitement and joy around each and every corner?

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Purse

This week I have been feeling crafty....

not like any other week really....

but this week I actually got something accomplished!

I am always making things for Kinsey, dresses, hair clips, etc. It was time to make something for me.

Never have I made a purse, so this project was a little daunting. But I didn't let myself get scared...what's the worst that could happen? a waste of time, money, and effort...but I'd never tell anyone!

So today I ventured to the fabric store with toddler in tow....

hmmmm....stressful anyone?

After numerous bolts of fabric were flung on the floor and misplaced we managed to escape with some cute fabric! Let me just mention here that I LOVE the fabric store, it is right up there with Target and Costco on places that I buy way too much stuff at and should generally be supervised at (and not by a toddler).

After said toddler was napping peacefully....oh so peacefully.....I rushed to finish my project.

Here it is....what do you think?

I really love it, except I think it needs to be much, much bigger. I am a mom you know! I really don't think they'll respect me as a mom at the park if I don't carry a huge bag, they'll think I'm just the nanny!

Next week I just might have to venture to the fabric store again to buy some more fabric and make a 'mom-sized' purse.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fondant Cake Class, Week 2

There was nothing to post about week 1 of my Fondant and Gum-paste class. Mainly because we just went over the basics and tools and didn't do any hands on work.

This week we were instructed to bring a cake already covered with fondant to class. Here's a picture of my 'blank slate' cake.

The color is actually not from food coloring, but from the Kool-Aid I used to flavor the butter cream icing and the fondant.We never had Kool-Aid growing up, so when I went to the store to buy some for this project I was amazed at all the flavor possibilities! I bought 'fruit punch' as a generic fruity flavor, but I will definitely have to try pink lemonade and wild cherry in the future. Mmmmm....tastes like a starburst candy!

Then during class we learned several different techniques including:


Embossing and Imprinting

We didn't really learn the flowers, put I needed something to tie it all together.

We also learned the about rolling the little balls and roping.

I think it kinda looks like a homage to superman with the red, blue and yellow...that wasn't on purpose, I just used the colors that I had and didn't think it through!

We also started the bases for carnations, put I don't have a picture.
Next week is all about 3-D flowers...can't wait!

The New House!!!!

Here it is..........

..........the new house of our dreams......

.....and it is all ours!!!

Isn't it fabulous?

Well Kinsey sure thinks so!

She loves to climb all over it....

And 'wash up' in the sink...she even makes water noises..too cute!

Sit around on the 'porch' and peek in the windows!

This is the first time she rang the doorbell an heard the chime!

Peeking through the front door.

Making a snack on the grill....yummy!

I think she really like to 'wash up'!

And as us girls always need to do....gabbing on the phone!

I couldn't resist taking a shot of these tootsies....
so cute in her new shoes from great- grandma!

Hugging the puppets that live in the playhouse.

And lastly....thanking the one who bought and put it together for her! (well I helped,too!)


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