Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fondant Cake Class, Week 2

There was nothing to post about week 1 of my Fondant and Gum-paste class. Mainly because we just went over the basics and tools and didn't do any hands on work.

This week we were instructed to bring a cake already covered with fondant to class. Here's a picture of my 'blank slate' cake.

The color is actually not from food coloring, but from the Kool-Aid I used to flavor the butter cream icing and the fondant.We never had Kool-Aid growing up, so when I went to the store to buy some for this project I was amazed at all the flavor possibilities! I bought 'fruit punch' as a generic fruity flavor, but I will definitely have to try pink lemonade and wild cherry in the future. Mmmmm....tastes like a starburst candy!

Then during class we learned several different techniques including:


Embossing and Imprinting

We didn't really learn the flowers, put I needed something to tie it all together.

We also learned the about rolling the little balls and roping.

I think it kinda looks like a homage to superman with the red, blue and yellow...that wasn't on purpose, I just used the colors that I had and didn't think it through!

We also started the bases for carnations, put I don't have a picture.
Next week is all about 3-D flowers...can't wait!

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