Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fondant Cake Class, Week 3

My fondant and gumpaste class resumed this week after a brief hiatus, and I've been super busy doing things around the house and haven't had a chance to write about this week until now. (more on all that busy-busy stuff later)

This week we worked strictly with gumpaste and made only flowers, three different types to be exact.
These are some of the simpler types of flowers you can make with gumpaste, but I think they are still quite stunning, and completely edible (not that you would actually want to eat hard, tasteless sugar..but to each his own.)

First up was the carnation. Lots of layers and I think quite realistic once finished. 

Next was the daisy, very simple and very sweet!

And lastly was the 'fantasy flower', which as stated by it's name is not a real flower but pretty nonetheless. 

I'm currently working on some flowers that we didn't learn in class for my final cake next Monday. I got a great tutorial book and some flower petal cutters as an early Mother's Day gift (for myself...haha) and am excited to see what I can make.

I'm really digging all the creative things I can do with cake, fondant and step closer to my cake decorating dreams!

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