Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DIY-Poster Board Wall Art

So today I am sharing a DIY/tutorial (my first so bare with me) that I recently came up with after seeing the high price of -oh so simple- wall art.

 Besides the price tag shock, I was also never really able to find the exact color palette I was looking for.....thus I created my own art!

 Don't be scared, this project requires NO art skills!!!

All you need is an eye for color/pattern and the ability to use an exacto knife and a glue gun...easy peasy!

Let's get started....first here is the supplies you will need: (some items not shown)

2 sheets of poster board ( I got mine for $1 each at the dollar store)

8-10 sheets of scrapbook paper in coordinating colors/patterns-(I find it's best to go with similar colors but fun patterns- mix it up- don't be scared and make sure you add at least one contrasting color or pattern!)

spray glue (or rubber cement, or mod podge, or a glue stick...whatever you have that glues!)

an exacto knife (for exacto cutting..hehe....make sure you also have cardboard or a cutting board to cut on)

a hot glue gun (and glue sticks...duh)

a ruler and pencil

3mm brand sticky strips for putting your finished product on the wall (I used a  small 4 pack)

Total cost for materials- approximately $10

First you will need to cut your poster board into squares, I chose to cut three in the full size of a scrapbook paper sheet (12" x 12"), Three in a rectangle (12" x 6"), Three in an 8" square, and ended up with Seven in a 6" square. I find it's best to cut odd numbers of squares to balance out the piece without looking too symmetrical.

Next layout the pieces on a large surface...just take your time and layer, nothing is final at this point so mix it up a bit!

Once you have a plan start spraying your poster board with the glue and pressing and smoothing your scrapbook paper on. For the smaller pieces, I glued the full sheet on and then cut the excess with the exacto knife. If you don't like the color spacing you can ix your pieces up again at this point.

Lastly grab that trusty glue gun and start sticking it all together.

If you have OCD you can use a level or straight edge, but if you are lazy like me you can eyeball it.

Use the directions on your 3mm sticky strips to mount onto the wall and voila! You have a super chic, totally original piece of artwork for $10 or less!

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  1. that's flipping AWESOME!!! i totally want to make one now!!!! thank you so much for posting the tutorial.. i'm a step-by-step girl, so this is just what i need to feel confident about making one!



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