Thursday, August 19, 2010

DIY- Cake Stands

For a while now I've been searching for a cake stand that is simple, sleek and crisp.....and doesn't break the bank. I mean, how often do you actually use a cake stand? Unless you are Martha Stewart it probably comes out of hiding 3-4 times a year (and no one really cares but you what it looks like but you).

So in my quest to do things the penny pinching, way I came up with a very simple concept for cake stands on a budget!

This entire project cost around $9, but I made 3 cake stands and have a whole tube of glue left over for more projects.

Supplies Needed:

Ceramic Plates- any shape, size or color will do....(I went with white because that was the simple look I wanted, but you could do a cake stand to match any occasion or cake. My plates were all purchased at the dollar store, but goodwill is a great place to find them too!)

Glass Candlesticks- again dollar store, cheap! (The small one shown was in a two pack for $1. I got the large one shown with the muffins for 99 cents at goodwill.)

E6000 Glue- $1.99(can be purchased at any craft store or superstore)

Spray Paint- $1 -White (or whatever matches your plate)

The first step is to measure out the middle of the plate and mark it with a pencil. My plates were easy and all had either a raised ring or a stamp marking dead center.

Next (and do this step outside...PLEASE!) put E6000 glue on both the candlestick and the plate where they will touch. Follow the directions on the glue and wait 2-5 minutes before sticking them together.

Then you can break out the spray paint and blend the 2 pieces together. (note: I do not recommend painting the top portion of the plate since most spray paints are not food safe...if you have to paint it to achieve a unified look please use parchment when serving on the stand)

 Reapply and let the glue set-up for 24-72 hours before washing and using.

Ta- Da! Super cute (and super cheap) cake stands!


  1. what a fab idea! i love this!!

  2. Wow! I never would have thought of that. Thanks so much. I bet these would make great Christmas presents, too, with a home-baked cake on top.

  3. Great Idea Lindsey! I think they would be great made with those silver or gold chargers that are all around during the holidays!

  4. What a great idea, thanks for sharing. I've linked this post on my blog to share it with Dutch bloggers.



  5. Oh my! easy...going to try this soon...



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