Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays to all! Here are some pictures of the sweet treats I have been working on this week in preparation, with a red velvet cake to come! Yum! I can't wait to spend the next few days relaxing with my family and enjoying their company while we indulge in food and gifts. May you all have a holiday just as sweet.

Monday, November 2, 2009

New Store

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new store on A Clip and a Curl...Designer Hair Accessories for girls big and small. Please check it out! Here are a few examples of the products you will find there.

Halloween Fun

This year we followed the trend and dressed Kinsey up as another type of bug for halloween. Last year she was this small....a tiny little ladybug that wasn't yet a month old.

This year we had a buzzing little bumble bee walking everywhere to take trick or treating for the first time!

Uncle Clark and Aunt Felisa came up to help roam the neighborhood, and we got a lot of loot! Mommy and daddy will be eating candy for weeks....;o)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Family Photos

I have been wanting to do some family photos for a few months now, and a family friend is a semi-pro photographer who offered us a great price to do LOTS of shooting. We spent the morning at the Botanic Gardens here in Albuquerque, (which by the way are gorgeous all year round; The city does a great job with them and we are proud to be Bio park Members.) The leaves were starting to turn, the air was warm, the sun was shining, and it was perfect for getting some beautiful photos, which we did! I would love to upload them all to share, but that would be over 400, including some not so great pics as well, so here are a choice few.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting Dirty!

Last weekend, in addition to Kinsey's first birthday party, we took a long weekend and did some four-wheeling in the Santa Fe National Forest near Pecos, NM. I rode with Roy and Travis followed us in his jeep. I did some driving myself, over a big log, up and down some steep trails, and lastly through some very big and muddy puddles...maybe more like small ponds. Yeah, I got stuck, really stuck in bumper height muddy water and Travis had to wench me out. It was a fun day but there were a few tense moments for me atleast!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My baby is one!

So Monday was a big day...Kinsey's first birthday. We spent the day in Pecos with Grandma and Grandpa H, Auntie Vicky, Uncle Travis and Cousin Troy. Mommy and daddy went off-roading in the morning (pictures to come) and Kinsey played all day with her cousin.

As we were driving home that night I couldn't help but get all teary-eyed thinking about how life has changed in the past year. Time really does pass by in the blink of an eye, and having a child and watching them grow and change really wakes you up to that notion. Last year I was holding in my arms a tiny little 6 lb 14 oz baby, so nervous about what was in store for us all. This year I am chasing around a walking, crawling, laughing, smiling, playful and fun-loving toddler who has changed my life for the better. We are so blessed that in this tough economy I am still able to be at home with my daughter everyday, and knowing that she is healthy, happy and smart is the best gift a mother could ask for. Here's to a wonderful second year as a family of three!

Kinsey's Birthday Bash

I've been super busy lately, getting everything ready for Kinsey's first birthday party and working on rush orders and custom piggy banks, too. We decided to go all out for Kinsey's first birthday, no that she will remember it, but it really felt like something we wanted to celebrate with all of our friends and family. The party was held at a local park and the weather was gorgeous! We really lucked out being that early October in the southwest can be different weather everyday.
The theme was ladybugs, and the invites were ladybugs whose wings opened to give the party details. I made Kinsey's party dress- a little ladybug print dress and a matching hair bow. This was my first attempt at sewing a dress so I was relieved and proud at my accomplishment.

The part of the party I was most stressed about, but also most looking forward to preparing was the cake. This is my new fixation....cake decorating. I made a big ladybug covered with fondant, chocolate cake with chocolate icing (all from scratch). I also made about 50 cupcakes, half chocolate, half buttermilk vanilla (from scratch again) with butter cream icing. I decorated those in ladybugs and sunflowers. I think they looked great...and they tasted pretty good too. Kinsey seemed to agree after devouring most of her icing at least.

We were so pleased with the turnout...over 50 people and plenty of kids to play. Thanks to everyone for joining us to celebrate and for being so generous with you gifts for Kinsey. She is well stocked with toys and clothes ;o)
Uncle Clark and Aunt Felisa refinished this rocking horse and wood-burned her name. They did a great job, and this will be a keepsske she will always remember!

Opening presents at home.

The aftermath....

Playing with Cousin Troy, they have the best time together! cute!

Being silly!


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