Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm a list maker

Do you write lists? Not just simple grocery lists and to-do lists, but every detail of life lists and future goals lists?

I do.

I can write the same list over and over so it is just right. I think it may be a little OCD? Maybe it's just a quirk?

Either was it's a type of release for me.

Sometimes (more often than not) my thoughts, goals, plans, and ideas tend to accumulate inside my head right as I lay my head on the pillow hoping to drift off to dream land. I just can't sleep until these precious thoughts are safely written down on paper, so as not to be forgotten by morning.  During the course of the day so many thoughts build up inside my head and writing lists helps me empty my head...if only for a few minutes.

You'd think I would wise up and put a pen and paper on my nightstand.

Instead I often find myself wandering down to the dining room table, a place that is the closest thing to an office desk for me. Sitting there in the soft light with a still and quiet house I can think, write, and clear my head. I can picture very clearly the "desktop planner" that sits inside my's too small for my ideas, and far too messy to be trusted to hold the important stuff and keep track of everything. Sticky notes, highlighted areas, smudged ink fingerprints, meaningless junk, important dates and all the creative hullabaloo that is constantly running loose in my brain.

I think I need a school room sized dry erase board in there instead.

So last night as I laid in bed with a restless mind full of clutter I tossed and turned until I realized it was a writing things down kind of night. So I climbed quietly out of bed and crept downstairs to my peaceful "office", sat with pen in hand and wrote a few lists.

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