Friday, November 2, 2012

The Girls' Shared Room Artwork

About two months ago we moved the girls back into one room together.
mornin' sunshine...nice hair!

 They have previously been together from when M was about 3-6 months old, but because she didn't yet sleep through the night, her cries and my efforts to soothe them often woke K up. In an effort to keep our kids from becoming sleep deprived zombies (like their mother) we moved K downstairs to the guest room/office. It was hard for me. I felt as though she was detached  alone and vulnerable sleeping downstairs with the rest of us upstairs. To go along with my 'mommy guilt' there was also the fact that she continued to wake at least 3 times a week and either call for me from downstairs or creep upstairs in the dark. Both of which broke my heart even more. 

Moving them back in together, while not ideal, seemed to be the best thing for now.

Not only did it curb my guilt over leaving my 4 year old vulnerable at night,
 it was something we need to do because the hubby's new job requires he work from a home office. The downstairs room was our only option for that, well, it was that or the garage. Hopefully I'll get around to a blog post on the downstairs room makeover soon. 

I'll eventually get to the topic of today's post, I promise!!!

The girls furniture was squeezed in together, some taken out for lack of space, and lots of toys were sorted through and given away.

The furniture doesn't match, but I have a feeling that M will be in her crib for another year TOPS. 
(K started to escape at 17 months, which gives me 2 more months of crib confined bliss if M is the same!) 
We will eventually get bunk beds or re arrange the room so M can sleep on the trundle.
That will free up some much desired breathing room in the cramped space, 
maybe, perhaps to be filled with a much desired dollhouse!

Until then, I have done some simple things to decorate the space, and make it more fun for the girls. Both of them LOVE the letters and pictures I have above their beds. 
For the letters, I just grabbed some board letters from Hobby Lobby and 
mod -podged on scraps leftover from M's crib bedding.

I quickly typed up some fun prints for the walls, things I have always sung or said to the girls. 
I'll posting them here so you can grab them if you want!
I used some frames from the dollar store and painted them to coordinate with the room, then used 3M strips to easily(and securely) hang everything on the wall.

M regularly points to it after naps and wants to see her picture up close, 
and K knows that her special letter is there just for her! 
 Kinsey particularly loves the ABC print, 
since she is working hard on learning to write her letters with me lately.

                                                                  Sunshine Download Here

                                                                  Alphabet Download Here

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