Monday, May 11, 2015

Life Lately- Spring Edition

Life this Spring has been pretty busy. But isn't it always? 
We've all had countless colds (thanks Kindergarten germs!) 
plenty of sleepless nights (thanks teething!) 
hours of yardwork to tackle
and lots of trips to the park when the wind isn't trying to blow everything away.
Here's a peek at the hightlights 
(I'll spare you all the details of the 2 costco sized
 kleenex packs we've gone through in the last month!)

Savannah's first taste of Krispy Kreme on a Sunday Morning in our jammies-
 she loved the little bit of blueberry cake doughnut she go to try!

After doughnut snuggles- these sweet sisterly moments are the best! 

Baby doesn't want to take her nap....then lets take some selfies! #whynot #shessovain

Someone has been SUPER helpful with chores lately.
(Note: I was loading the wet clothes IN the dryer at the time)

We celebrated the awesome guys big 3-5!
 It seems like yesterday I was just throwing his 30th birthday bash....
I sure am grateful for this man!

I attempted making classic tiramisu for the first time (his favorite), and it was delicious!
Tiramisu on a paper plate #classy

Recipe can be found here 

We had some warm weekend mornings before the wind and thunderstorms rolled in, so we broke out the water table and sprinkler while the girls cousins were visiting.

Savannah LOVED her first water table playtime, 
but that's no surprise since she loves all things with water!

 The kids begged for otter pops, so....another first for Miss Vanni- 
don't worry, she only got a few sips, then mommy took the rest 'away' ;o)

Kinsey had her Kindergarten Musical- it was an Under the Sea theme
(she's in the back row)

Her class was the Jellyfish, and they did a cute little song and dance to the "Jellyfish Jump", and Kinsey even got to say a fact about Jellyfish!

I cannot believe that she will be done with Kindergarten in less than 2 weeks! 

Makayla had her two week Post-Op following her Strabismus Surgery

Her vision is still 20/20, but her Dr recommended she continue to wear her glasses to hopefully correct the last little bit of crossing we are still seeing. 

He's hopeful that in 3-5 years she will outgrow the need for glasses to correct the lingering crossing. Since the RX she wears is very weak there's no real concern for her becoming dependent on the glasses either.

She got to pick some new frames since her last ones were broken and no longer available. She picked these all on her own- so adorable!

We celebrated Mother's Day with a quiet day at home,
 a BBQ lunch and mommy having a cold (boo!)

 But at least I got some pictures with these three beauties that call me mommy. 
I'm forever grateful for the blessings that I have received in these three girls.
 Motherhood is something sorta crazy, but also really beautiful.

On a final, and somber, note.
 My childhood pet, whom I adopted as a kitten in 1995, 
passed away this weekend at my parents home. 

He was just shy of 20!

Cinnamon was a wonderful cat, my first 'baby', and I will forever cherish the memory of him.
 He was so smart, I taught him as a kitten how to open the treat container with his claw
 and get one at a time his last days he loved his treats!
 Hopefully there's plenty of them to go around in Heaven,
 along with bunnies, birds and lizards to chase all day. 

Top- 1996, bottom L- 2000's, bottom R- 2013

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