Thursday, February 5, 2015

Diaper Bag Dump

With my first baby 6 years ago I carried it all. In a huge, sorta ugly brown corduroy diaper bag (thankfully not one with Winnie-the-Pooh-I still had a small amount of fashion sense in me!)

Why do they made diaper bags so ugly anyway? 

 "I have a little baby and so now I would really prefer to carry a giant bag with cartoons and pastels that screams DIAPER BAG" - said no mom ever.

Part of the reason for the huge bag was the dilemma of what to put inside.

I was a little clueless on what exactly I really needed on my person at all times to run errands. 
Because really, to run to the grocery store you totally need 3 burp cloths, 2 swaddle blankets, a bottle of tylenol, 3 changes of clothes + one shirt for yourself, 5 toys for a baby that can't hold anything yet and a nursing cover even though you will hide in your car should baby have to nurse in the 45 minutes you are away from home.

3 kids later all I really need is this: wallet, keys, phone (duh), 2 diapers and wipes.

These days I carry a large purse, lately a crossover is my favorite. I try to keep it organized to be efficient, but let's face it- most of the time this is what it looks like.

Exhibit A: the contents of my purse this morning after approximately 3 weeks since the last cleaning.
(no old rotten food or nasty sippy cups! I'd call this pretty tidy)  

I do carry some other items on a day to day basis including- 
a change of clothes for the baby (explosive diapers happen people!), 
wet ones for wiping nasty tables or shopping carts,
 a hairtie (someone ALWAYS needs a hairtie when you have 3 girls!) 

It's helpful to have some snacks- 
mostly for my 3 and 6 year old because they are eternally hungry at the most inappropriate times. Typically as soon as you are pulling away from lunch at Chick-fil-A 
they began clamoring from the back seat for a snack. 
It's like the humming of the engine makes them hungry. 

Here we are cleaned up and ready to pack it all in again.

Usually there's always a bright lipstick (for a quick put together look), EOS lip balm (#addicted),
 and mints (these work double duty as breath freshening + kid bribery)

bathroom selfie of my target clearance purse

Obviously trips to the zoo, or long days spent entirely out of the house require a bit more loot. Typically I keep a tote in my car with a change for the 3 year old (accidents happen) and some extra diapers, snacks and sunscreen. 

Today I'm linking up with these fine blogs in order to hopefully win a luxurious Lily Jade bag! 

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  1. Yes! A woman with (almost) as many receipts in her bag as I have! Thanks for entering.



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