Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Paw Patrol 3rd Birthday

This party happened just over 6 months ago, in late July,  but I still wanted to document it here since this is a bit of a virtual scrapbook for myself and our family (albeit a very, very, out of date one!)

Makayla has been obsessed with Paw Patrol (a Nickelodeon cartoon for those of you who may not know it) since it first started airing in the late summer of 2013. All she wanted for Christmas in 2013 was 'Paw Patrol toys', which, of course, were no where to be found because the show was too new. 

Mama to the rescue with a collection of stuffed animals 
similar to the pups in the show.
 It was a huge hit!
paw patrol stuffed animals

paw patrol stuffed animals

Grandma and Grandpa jumped in on the action and improvised their own Paw Patrol gift that Christmas- a hand drawn Zuma shirt! She was smitten.

paw patrol custom shirt

So when we started talking birthday party themes in the late spring she had no trouble deciding
 it was going to be Paw Patrol all the way! 
I had big plans to get everything done before Savannah arrived...but that didn't happen at all. 
Let's face it, I barely got her nursery cleaned up and put together and her newborn clothes washed before she was born. 

So with a one week old baby I created her invitations-
 I 'girlied' them up a bit with the rainbow chevron.

paw patrol custom birthday invitation

Available customized invitations here in my Etsy Shop, Mod Ink Design.

We kept the party simple, 
because simple is the name of the game with a newborn and 2 other kiddos!

paw patrol birthday party ideas

paw patrol birthday party ideas

I made a quick 'Skye' t-shirt for Makayla
 with a little photoshop work and an iron on transfer + white t-shirt.

paw patrol birthday dessert table

paw patrol birthday dessert table cupcake toppers

paw patrol birthday party dessert table cupcake toppers

paw patrol birthday party dessert table

The treat table included 'scooby snacks'
 aka. dog bone shaped graham crackers and cheese ball treats
 in dollar store dog bowls.

The cupcake toppers were a mix of free printables from Nick Jr's website and my own rainbow chevron 'M' and '3' designs.

A super easy and budget friendly way to decorate cupcakes!

paw patrol birthday mantel

birthday chalkboard

The rest of the house got very simple decorations, 
including a banner and some fun paper pinwheels on the mantel
 and a quick happy Birthday sign on our kitchen chalkboard!

Aunt Felisa helping hold newborn Savannah- she was 4 weeks old here!

Some of the party guests enjoying a coloring table with Paw Patrol coloring pages printed from various free online sources (just google!)

paw patrol birthday treat bags doggy bags

paw patrol birthday party treat bags doggy bags

'Doggy Bag' treats for all the kiddos to take home- 
which included a simple mix of candy, rainbow bracelets and silly putty eggs.

You can purchase the treat bag toppers here, in my Etsy shop as an instant download!

paw patrol birthday cupcakes

My sweet girl being shy while we sang 'Happy Birthday'- love her!

Cupcakes and ice cream....yum!

Cousin Ellie, who celebrated her 3rd birthday the very next weekend!

Of course, there were plenty of awesome presents! 

Thanks (6 months late) to everyone who came to help us celebrate our curly haired sweetheart turning 3!

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  1. where did you get the stuffed animals so similar to the dogs??



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