Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Twenty Questions for a Three Year Old

It's our second year asking Makayla these questions on her birthday. So Back on July 28 we broke out the pen and paper and fired at her with these challenging life questions....#rivetingjournalism

It's fun to see what has changed and what has stayed the same in the past year.

You can find last year's post here to compare.

My Take:
She isn't the best eater these days, except fruit and junk food. 
Girl LOVES her fruit.
Doesn't surprise me that she said "I don't know" for her dinner favorite,
 mostly because she hardly ever eats dinner well. 
If I had to answer for her I would say give the girl some cut up meat and fruit and she's usually happy. 

Her favorite shows/movies are currently Paw Patrol and Frozen,
 so she had a Paw Patrol birthday party and got a few of the toys which they finally started releasing

What little girl doesn't love "let it go"...heck, I'm still singing it 10 months later!

Apparently mommy gives chores (fun chores?) and daddy gets all the hugs.
Daddy's girl, I tell ya!

In the past year she has grown so much! Her vocabulary is awesome. This morning she had a tummy ache and when I asked her what was wrong she sighed and told me "I'm just so hopeless...my tummy hurts!" lol

She still has those darling curls. I don't ever want to cut her hair if it means we will loose them.

She's tall for her age. 
Combine that with her good speaking skills 
and most people have mistaken her for an almost 4 year old lately.

She's doing pretty good adjusting to having a new baby sister.
 We've been working on normal 3 year old stuff,
 tantrums...potty training regression...listening skills.
 Normal stuff.

 She's still my super sweet, thoughtful girl that is always willing to share her snack or give a kiss and hug.
The other day Roy's boss was at our house to meet the girls and I while in town and Makayla quietly put some of her day old popcorn next to his hand on the counter. 
So thoughtful of her!

As much as I don't want to label her- she's mostly my tomboy (loves cars, getting dirty and making messes) and is shaping up to resemble the 'middle child' by being the kid that quietly plays by herself usually. 

She goes with the flow, but she sure can stand out with that cute curly hair and that smile that just radiates joy. She's ALWAYS so joyful. I hope she never, ever loses that sparkle.

Love you, Makayla Ann!

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