Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kisses For Mommy

Lately I have been feeling a bit lost in this whole 'mommyhood' thing. I feel like I should be able to get more done during the day, but with a baby crawling, cruising, and pretty much getting into everything, I have my challenges. Sometimes I worry that I've been ignoring my baby by trying to get something cleaned or fixed or even just catch my breath for a bit, but today Kinsey let me know in her own special way that she loves me and everything I do for her is not in vain. We were rocking in her room, trying to settle down for her afternoon nap when she sat up gave me a huge smile and planted a big kiss on my mouth! Now she gives kisses when you ask, but something about the way she gave me this kiss all on her own free will and out of nowhere made me start crying with pure joy. There's nothing like a baby to melt your heart... here's picture of my little angel and I napping together.

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