Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Party For Troy

So this weekend my husbands family all got together to celebrate my nephew Troy's first birthday. His birthday was actually a few weeks ago, but since he is too young to drive himself, he had to hitch a ride in from San Diego when his parents plans permitted. I have always been interested in cake decorating, but never have the opportunity to make any extra-special theme cakes (but now I will have the chance once a year for Kinsey's big day...yay!) So I set out to make the best cake ever, fully expecting it to come out just as I pictured it in my head. I won't say the finshed product was exactly what I had invisioned, but I think it was a good first attempt at decorating. After baking cakes and making raspberry filling for 4 hours, day 1 of the process had gone well. Day 2 - decorating day- was a little more frustrating, but I got it done in about 5 hours! was tiring! So the inside is chocolate and vanilla with raspberry filling and the outside is homemade buttercream icing. I added his name to the baby blocks as well as a 1 for him to tear into and eat, and inside the 'o' is a mini steelers logo, as his daddy is a huge fan and his nursery is all decked out in steelers stuff.

As a gift for Troy, along with some Dr Seuss books ( a must have) and a stuffed giraffe for him to cuddle with, I painted a piggy bank with his name and a steelers logo. He thought it was pretty cool, his parents loved it, and hopefully I will get the images up soon on my etsy store along with the girly piggy banks that I am custom painting.

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  1. The cake is so cute. you did a great job! Homemade cakes taste so much better, too!



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