Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playing at the park on St Patty's Day

Last Wednesday (St Patty's Day) we went down to Los Lunas to visit Clark and Felisa while they were on spring break. We went for a walk around their neighborhood and played at the local park. Kinsey had a great time with her Auntie and Unckie! It was a gorgeous day....the best yet this year...and I even got sunburned it was so warm and sunny!

Walking to the park...she had to bring her stroller with Elmo in it!

Then she got tired of pushing and wanted to ride in the baby stroller....glad it didn't break!

Time to play!

Sliding with Auntie.

The big slide?

I'll ride it with Unckie!

Now she's brave enough to go on her own!

Running around!

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