Wednesday, March 10, 2010

There's a beaver living in my house......

.......or at least that is one explanation for this:

The other explanation would be that my toddler seems to have taken an interest in wood as a midnight snack. These chew marks all appeared one night after the next last week. Now I know why they sell cribs with special 'teething rails'. Little stinker ruining her crib!

So to hopefully prevent any further damages, I came up with this:

A sort of teething bumper for her crib rail. So far she hasn't chewed through it!

I also took the time to make a quick pillowcase for her in matching pink polka dots. Both projects took less than 1 hour to complete!

Here's to sweet dreams for my little beaver!

Oh, and a peek at my next project.......

what will this super cute fabric be?????

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