Friday, August 23, 2013

Recycled Crayon Storage + a FREE printable

Today I'm sharing a free craft, 
that like most of my other DIY/Printables 
is designed to help keep your home better organized. 

This is a craft I made about 6 months ago, 
and so far it is holding up great and getting daily use from my 2 girls!

This one is simple- I know it's not a *new* idea, but it is a *cute* and *free* idea.
Both of which make me very happy!

1. Take a large plastic container and clean it out
(I used a Costco Animal Crackers bin, 
but Target has similar animal cracker and cheese ball containers
 if you aren't a member of a Costco/Sam's Club)
This is a great size for LOTS of crayons & the lid screws on tight

2. My Rainbow Chevron 'Crayons' label downloaded for free
(I recommend printing on cardstock 
and printing a front and back copy, 
mostly because I was too lazy to scrape the old labels off
 and I needed to cover both sides!)

3. Scissors and Packaging Tape

Cut label to desired size and tape in layers on the entire surface
 (so the label is almost 'laminated' on)

Fill with crayons, give the kids some paper and CREATE!!!

What ways do you often re-use old plastic containers? Leave a comment and share!

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