Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Twenty Questions for a Two Year Old

Breakdown in mommy's words:
Fruit is her favorite thing. period.
Apples are fruit, refer to question #1. True.
Chicken nuggets are #2 on the list of her favorite foods, 
preferably from Chick-fil-A (kid has her momma's taste in nuggets)
When asked if she wants chicken nuggets she will respond with
 "Yes! And fries, and chocolate milk and ranch and ketchup!"
She is actually a good vegetable eater, but like her sister will only eat them raw.

I actually think her favorite game to play is cars- she can regularly be found carrying her little matchbox Lightening McQueen and Mater to the store, nap time, bath time, etc.
They are her favorite characters right now, hands down.

Pretty sure she copied her sister on the favorite color and animal.
She hears it all day long from Kinsey, so it doesn't surprise me she just copies her answers here.
She's quite the copy-cat of her sister these days.

Momma's songs would most likely mean, "You are my sunshine"
But it could also be "radioactive" by imagine dragons....who knows ;)

Apparently daddy was on her mind at the end of this questionnaire...
Doesn't surprise me because she is quickly shaping up to be a Daddy's Girl.

Some of my favorite things about 2 year old Makayla are:

Her bouncy, crazy, curls. Love them.

The sweet little personality she has "me want to hold you mama"
She's my little cuddlebug.

Her silly side, 
when undressing to change clothes or for bath she often says 
"everybody gonna see me nakey!!!" and then runs around like crazy

Her love for her sister- she will often call for her after she gets hurt. 
She doesn't want mommy or daddy to comfort her, but instead her big sister.
Melts my heart.

Her love for certain toys, McQueen and Mater, Tigger, her glow baby, 
and most recently her Elmo doll. 
She can't go to nap or bed without tucking all of them into her blanket next to her.

She has great verbal skills already. She is starting to sing parts of her ABC's correctly (just parts) and can count from 1-10 + in both English and Spanish (no thanks to Dora on that last one, either!)

She's quite to little monkey, both in climbing skills and mischief making abilities.
Roy calls her "mono"

She's my baby girl and every time I look at how much she is growing, learning and changing I just want to pull her close to me and make time stand still. 

Stop growing up so fast, little Kay Kay!!!

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  1. Such an adorable group of photos and the comments to her answers are very sweet. She is such a cutie! Wish I could be with her more.



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