Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Things Kinsey Does- 15 month version

Time flies by so fast, and although I want to remember every little thing Kinsey does I know I never will. So in the process of writing some current 'things Kinsey does' down I will share them with you as well.

Can't believe she is already 15 months old!

  • Miss Bossy: her favorite new thing is directing mommy and daddy where to sit, stand, walk to,etc. When she doesn't want me to cook and instead wants me to play with her she grabs my hand and walks me over to her toys, or to the sofa to read her a book. She often likes to sit us both in the recliner (I have to sit in Roy's lap) and then climb up to sit with us...too cute!

  • My little tree hugger: She loves the concept of throwing things in the trash, and so far has done well at only throwing away things meant to go in the trash (although I do check often for random do-not-throw objects) After a diaper change I always ask her to throw her dirty diaper away, which she LOVES to do! The other day at the local park she decided to help clean and started picking up trash to throw...she even found a trash can, which I had to lift her up to reach. I can't say I love the idea of her picking up other peoples trash, so I tried my hardest to get her to think leaves and sticks were trash.

  • Boogie time baby: I know all babies like to dance, but this girl has some moves! She also has an ear for good music. I guess it is in the genes ;o)

  • Bear hugs: she loves to stretch out her arms and run in for a hug (and if you are lucky a kiss)

  • Nighty-night: she gives kisses to all before going upstairs to bed, blows kisses at the top of the stairs and waves.

  • Miss Congeniality: she is getting to be so sociable out and about. She usually stays by mommy but smiles and waves at everybody! She loves the attention, just soaks it right up. What can I say, the girl knows she's a doll.

  • There are so many other little things, from putting on lotion (myself and her) to putting salt on Mommy's food, to waving at Mickey when he says bye on TV, I wish I could record every moment in my mind!

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