Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Case Of The Winter Blahs

Today it is snowy....just like the past 3 Thursdays have been. But here in the city snow doesn't mean snow days, snowmen or sledding- but slushy wet snow that doesn't stick and just makes puddles. Puddles my toddler gravitates to when we go outside.

Normally I would stay inside- dry and warm, but with a toddler as bossy as mine, you can only tell her "no going outside today" so many times before meltdown occurs. Thus meaning the inevitable wet boots, socks, and pant hems, along with a red nose and freezing hands (she will not keep the gloves on...big surprise) Oh, and did I mention I hate the cold? When does spring arrive?

I've got a case of the winter blah's....and no way to go on a vacation to the tropics.

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