Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday America

My most recent sewing projects-patriotic dresses for my little American dolls! I didn't have the time to sew up bloomers for Makayla (mostly because I am AWFUL at sewing bloomers) so I paired her open backed top with some striped ones she already had. I think the combo turned out pretty cute.

We enjoyed our 4th with family members we had not seen in a few years, barbecue, brownies, and of course- fireworks! This was actually the first year that Kinsey had been able to see a fireworks display for the 4th! To say she loved it would be putting it lightly. She even made her own song while watching..."rainbow fireworks, rainbows, rainbows,,la laaaaaaaa!!!!" Or something like that. Makayla pointed and said "wha dat?" over and I think she approved of them as well!

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