Wednesday, July 11, 2012

'What We Did' Wednesday

Today we made last minute plans with a friend to beat the heat and check out the new waterpark inside the local amusement park. After reviewing the website and seeing that kids 3 and under were free, we armed ourselves with half off coupons for our $15 admission and met up at the park. 

Then the cashier told us that all of the kids were indeed 'free' to get into the park, but admission to the waterpark was $10 per child that was able to play (i.e. could sit, crawl or walk) and $15 per adult- no coupons allowed.

 Um...yeah... no thanks. 

I'll let you in on a little secret * I'm cheap *

I try not to be so cheap that my kids miss out on experiences, but...that is a rip off plain and simple. We aren't talking about a waterpark with slides, rivers and wave machines...we are talking about a glorified splash pad with a bridge and balcony. 

So plan B was the old stand-by on a hot summer day- the city splash pad for $1 a person. 
Love it. 

No guilt here either because the girls thoroughly enjoyed their water fun 
and we didn't break the bank doing it. 

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