Friday, February 19, 2010

Everything's Coming Up Roses...

My thoughtful neighbors brought me 2 dozen roses Wednesday night as a 'Thank You' for the goodies I am always bringing their way. Just don't tell them it is so I can spread the calories onto another household...haha....just kidding...I really do like to bake for long as I can try the first bites!

The following morning at breakfast with Kinsey I was admiring the roses...peach and yellow...they had opened up quite a bit overnight and the lighting was really beautiful from my south facing front window. So I grabbed my new Canon (well new in October...but I am still learning how to use it) and started snapping. I think Kinsey thought I was crazy standing on a chair, crouching down...all at these boring flowers...not her!!!! (the nerve....mama)

Here are the best ones...I think.

Oh...and I did take a few of the little stinker smelling the roses....mama couldn't resist!

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