Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Priceless Photos

Every mother thinks their child is the most beautiful baby on the earth...so they take LOTS of pictures.....I'm no different, In fact I regularly call myself 'the paparazzi.' Here are some shots from the last few days to exhibit just why you must snap a million shots (aren't you glad we all have digital cameras now? I would be spending a small fortune in film otherwise)

First is the serene shot....so calm and peaceful....
(how did I catch this on film when she is NEVER calm and peaceful?!?)

Next is the silly girl I know and love...."come and get me mamma!"

Then there's the just plain cute one....don't you just want to squeeze her?

And finally we have the real winner.....the truest version of our little one.....the nose picker. (wouldn't this make a great greeting card?....."I was just thinking of you..." haha)

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