Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Day!

This Wednesday the forcast was actually correct (for a change) and we got some snow! Normally I could care less about the white only reminds me more how cold it is outside...but with a toddler something inside me was just wishing fro the stuff to fall this year. We have been getting a snowstorm through the area about once a week lately, but we never get any to stick! So when it started falling....and sticking....I had my fingers crossed for enough accumulation to play in. The picture below is me asking Kinsey what's on the ground....her 'I dunno' arms.
I made her a snowball to throw...

It didn't go too far.

She was happy as a penguin outside....stomping in the snow (stomping is her favorite thing to do!)
Not too deep, but enough to play in!
It stuck to her gloves.....the whole minute she actually kept them on.
And does taste mighty good....this girl couldn't get enough of it once she figured out it was edible and mommy said ok. (oh, and as a side note: I don't normally put a scarf on her...I know it isn't safe, but she was screaming for the scarf...I couldn't say no)

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