Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

For Valentine's Day this year I thought I would experiment with an idea in a cake book of mine, and also on Bakerella; A heart shaped cake made into a candy box with either candies, or in this case cake balls on top.
I made all the cake balls (chocolate, of course) and decorated them to match the theme.
Notice the 'I Love U' in the middle.
The sides of the box didn't quite come out how I wanted it too look, but the overall result was not too bad for a first attempt. The cake balls are delicious, we haven't tried the cake yet- but it is chocolate with raspberry butter cream. I did also try a recipe for the fondant (Thanks to my cousin Rachel) and was surprised at how easy it really was to make from scratch.

And lastly I wanted to put this picture up, I took this a while back and thought it was appropriate for today. Happy Valentine's Day!

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